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Below is a selection of single episodes from other series.

Auckland Daze
I missed the first series, but this is first episode of series two of a sitcom from New Zealand which, after watching this blind, seems to be based around the acting scene in Auckland. It's a bit disjointed and odd at points, but there are some pretty good sketches.

country = New Zealand

rating - worth a watch

Best Bits
The first impression is that this is simlar in approach to 'Harry Hill's TV Burp', but the latter part of this first episode focused on a New Zealand tv celeb being grilled/roasted. Not a bad combination at all.

country = New Zealand

rating - promising

Package Deal
This is a new Canadian sitcom. And, going by this pilot, it appears to be utterly without nuance or awareness that this form of sitcom is so far beyond naff that even Cannon and Ball would be critical.

country = Canada

rating - shite

Seemingly this is made by a local community TV station. If that is the case ,then well done them - it's worth the watch for sure. Some of the audio editing is a bit lax between cut scenes, but apart from that it's a good bit better than most new sitcoms.

country = Australia

rating - good

Dirty Laundry
Episode 11 of a new panel show where the participants talk about the week's news.

country = Australa

rating - not bad

This is the first episode of series two of Housos. In my eyes it's cheap shite that plays purely on the arrogance of upwardly mobile pricks who think that the lower-classes are just scum. It's kind of like Shameless, but done from the point of view of a Nazi propagandist.

country = Australia

rating - cuntishness

Upper Middle Bogan
Not exactly the most original idea for a sitcom (you'll see when you watch), but down-to-earth and well produced.

country = Australia

rating - promising for sure

Super City
Madeleine Sami plays different characters in each episode of this pretty good show, in a similar vein to "Coogan's Run" or "That Peter Kay Thing".

country = New Zealand

rating - pretty good

This Week Live
This is along the lines of "10 O'Clock Live". The baldy fecker is probably the best part of the team...

country = Australia

rating - pretty good




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